Innovative, smart and user-friendly.

A flexible scheduling engine, smart analytics tools and a secure cloud connection brings a fresh perspective to digital signage.


Simple to use

Intuitive design with super easy ‘drag and drop’ media playlist management means everyone can get Nod up and running quickly and simply.



Set your content and walk away. The robust platform means you can rely on Nod to play 24/7 - even if the screens go offline.



Schedule your content right down to the minute and for different times of day - from one off ads to long-running marketing campaigns. You can even play various content across different zones in the same store.



Showcase your Twitter feed. Share stats with the team. Celebrate your company’s success. Running data driven feeds with Nod is easy and entertaining. You can even change content based on specific locations and audiences (e.g. show different FX rates in different stores).


Centrally managed

Nod’s clever dashboard displays exactly what’s happening in real-time including analytics and statistics. It also enables you to manage all your screens (across multiple areas, stores and cities) from one point.


Made in New Zealand

Created and managed by innovative New Zealanders, you’ll always have timely access to the Nod support team.


Everyone can Nod.

From small businesses to large multinational organisations, Nod is helping to transform brand communications into meaningful, memorable moments.

Nod Business

Pre-loaded into the latest LG screens, Nod is ready to use immediately. Simply drag and drop your media playlist and you’re ready to go. And should you need it, online support is available 24/7.

  • Pre-loaded into LG screens

  • Simple to use

  • Drag and drop playlist management

  • 24/7 online support

Nod Enterprise

With its AI-ready capacity and touch screen technology, Nod is the perfect bespoke solution for large organisations wanting to manage multiple screens across diverse systems. Impressive analytics and live reporting can also be combined with actual sales data

  • Flexible scheduling system

  • Easy store segmentation

  • Efficient handling of all media

  • Cloud-based digital asset library

  • Powerful layouts and overlays

  • Social media and CRM support

  • Secure cloud connection

Nod Premium Support

Nod Business and Enterprise come with standard support, including our online help centre and email help desk. For more support, our premium support package is available to help you manage your Nod panels and content. With Nod Premium Support, we will

  • Setup and manage your panels

  • Setup and manage your playlists

  • Monitor your alerts

  • Help you create content

  • Create content for you (extra charges apply)


Become a reseller

Nod is easy to use and simple to sell. It looks beautiful and works intuitively catering to any business size across all setors. And with 24/7 support directly from the Nod creators, there's no need to babysit the system. Get in touch to find out more about becoming a Nod Reseller.

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